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meet up

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natmatt Fri 30-Nov-07 13:47:51

any one fancy a meet up before xmas?

maybe a soft play?

irvinemum Mon 28-Apr-08 10:06:48

i,ve take it u had no luck yets as it,s come up 2 may

ihateironing Wed 07-May-08 21:25:00

lol, no nothing at all.

maybe a summer meet up?

irvinemum Thu 05-Mar-09 23:23:02

we can try again lol

Macdog Fri 06-Mar-09 10:38:36

What about coffee at Eglinton one day?

irvinemum Fri 24-Jul-09 22:39:14

macdog if ur up 4 a coffe in egg park i be happy to go let me know angie xxx

Macdog Thu 30-Jul-09 20:40:55

Just found this bit again - am now all over this bit of MN grin

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