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Things to do in Haleowen

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livlov Sun 09-Oct-11 21:42:23

Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew of any good playgroups near Halesowen.
My DS is 1 years old and needs to burn of some energy and meet other little ones... we do the parks alot but it will be cold soon so need a change

hollyberrychildcare Tue 14-Jun-11 14:08:40

Chilly Kids are nearby in Stourbridge - they're on the internet. Also if you want a park, go up Mucklows Hill to Leasowes park - there's a lovely stream, woods, a park, a waterfall, ducks!!

JoShake Tue 27-Nov-07 18:23:17

Hi, just put this message somewhere else, not good with this computer stuff, only just discovered the website (its very good by the way...!) I'm going to visit my mother-in-law on Friday with my 4yr old and 10month old and as she has no toys or ANYTHING to entertain the children I'm desperate for somewhere to take them for the afternoon, pref an indoor/softplay place not too far away, does anyone have any ideas, would be very grateful and you would be saving me and the kids from a very long afternoon spent in one rather child unfriendly room!

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