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Relocation to Bury St Edmunds(ish), Suffolk - Advice Needed

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crazycatwoman Wed 11-May-11 08:04:19

I'm new on here too (expecting my first in October) and also just outside BSE

WorkingMumNicola Fri 25-Mar-11 16:01:07

HI just joined today - mu son has been at tassel rd nursery since he was 5 months old and its the best in town by far - lovely class rooms, equipment, staff, playground. My sister and friends children have all attended due to great recommendations and Ofsted report -it up on Moreton Hall. Good luck!

MsMia Mon 07-Mar-11 22:39:34

I doubt anyone's reading this thread anymore but are there more mums in the BSE area? I'm just outside in Stanton...

Danalijoss Tue 25-Mar-08 14:32:11

Hello is this the best local site for Bury St Edmunds then? How have you settled in? I am new to Mumsnet but been in BSE for a couple of years. There is lots on at the local leisure centre for children of all ages. My elder boy been at Sunshine Nursery too,for a year and loves it.

Smittals Wed 23-Jan-08 12:48:37

Hi Pomsmum, how did you get on with the move? I've only just seen your post. DD is at the Sunshine Nursery in Bury which we're really happy with so far (and she's been there since May 07 at 5.5months). If you've got any questions still, let me know and I may be able to help. smile

PomsMum Tue 27-Nov-07 13:40:49

Can't track any of you Suffolk MNers down, we're relocating to Bury St Edmunds and need advice on childminders/nurseries/primary schools etc etc. Is there anyone out there who can help....

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