Secondary school for ASD in Teddington / Richmond Borough

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Sabrinq Tue 29-Jun-21 13:19:18

Hi ladies, need your help on secondary state school recommendations. We moved recently to Teddington and are looking for a state school for my 13 year old son who has ASD. (He has no EHCP at the moment as we moved in to the UK just before the lockdown.) We will be applying for an EHCP ASAP. So in the meantime need a school with a good SEND department that can put interventions and support in place, and that has good quality teaching and of course bullying under control.

Any recommendations on schools nearby? TIA

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pottedplantaddict Mon 16-Aug-21 23:53:25

I would recommend Turing House for your son - amazing SEND department from what I hear, Ofsted report also says that it is exemplary for anti-bullying.
link to ofsted report:

Sabrinq Tue 17-Aug-21 09:39:37


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