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Swimming lessons for small babies

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littlemissp Fri 16-Nov-07 22:29:42

Hello my daughter is 3 months and I'm v eager to get her in the pool--does anyone know of a pool that does lessons for them this young?

elkiedee Tue 20-Nov-07 17:11:52

I think the Haringey pools start at 4 or 5 months, when they've had their jabs. I'm taking my ds of 6 months to Mile End in Tower Hamlets as I couldn't find lessons that he could start before New Year and I was keen to begin before I go back to work (start of March).

elkiedee Sat 12-Jan-08 20:29:59

littlemissp, did you find any swimming lessons for your daughter? I don't know if you found Haringey lessons but the Clissold Leisure Centre near Clissold Park off Stoke Nweington Church Street has just reopened - we're going to lessons there for a few weeks. There's also a drop in thing called Splash at Tottenham Green on Wednesday mornings which isn't lessons but is singing and playing in the water aimed at babies and their carers - there was a dad and a grandmother (I'm guessing) when I was there last week.

Mercy Fri 25-Jan-08 11:10:36

I've just found about another place which does swimming lessons for babies and children if anyone is interested (am about to get the details for my dd)

Btw, babies must be 4 months old

twelveyeargap Sun 27-Jan-08 12:31:21

If you can get to Mill Hill village or Enfield, do lovely lessons for babies of 12 weeks and up.

The courses are £55 for a 5 week course, but well worth it if it's in your price range. I'm now doing the level 2 course at Mill Hill on a Tuesday. They do lessons on a Sunday also and dads, grandparents etc are welcome to come.

NK6bde7f6dX11b9e8298a0 Thu 07-Aug-08 20:04:51

We have our son signed up for swimming lessons at Park Rd pool & even managed to book him on for the ones taking place on a Saturday!
14 half hour sessions from 6pm.
Teacher is Ms R Horton
They might still a couple of places left!

MinkyBorage Thu 11-Dec-08 16:41:57

tiny swimmers are brilliant

squeaver Thu 11-Dec-08 16:47:39

Agree with Minky. They're all lovely too.

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