Want to move to St Margaret's - please advice..

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Naf77 Wed 07-Apr-21 22:17:58

Hi there,

We're a family with 3 lively kids and considering moving to St Margaret's but hesitant as we want to make the right choice for our family.

I currently have two kids in primary one in nursery. We moved to Guildford, from Clapham, about 2.5 yrs ago. The main reason for our move was due to lack of good state schools (we can't afford private for all 3) within walking distance from our house. Other than that I was very happy where we were.

Where we are is a lovely area, with nice neighbours and my kids are in a great school/nursery. However, I really miss London and the buzz - just people walking & cycling around, lots of coffee shops, bars and restaurants, random chats... However, I don't miss the level of busyness of Clapham, especially the traffic.

I have reseachersed primary and secondary state schools and they all seem decent (Primary: St Stephens, Orleans, St Mary; Secondary: Orleans) but would love to hear from other parents. Furthermore, is St M a safe area for kids to walk around as they start to reach secondary?

I also would love to hear how much "buzz" there is (I know this is very subjective) and how much is going on. I have been to St M quite a few times in the past 6 months and it seems busier compare to where we are, but I'm not sure if I got a real sense for it considering the lockdown etc.

Last, are the trains reliable into cent London?

Would appreciate any tips, insights and advice. Thanks!

A mum in limbo smile

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TuvoknotSpock Wed 07-Apr-21 22:20:33

If i had the money I would live near marble hill park just close to the bridge to Richmond. I know people in St M who walk to Richmond station as although it's a 20 min walk it's better for fast more frequent trains

Bringonspring Wed 07-Apr-21 22:33:46

Hey, it does have a good buzz and a lot of families there. Does feel a bit of a passage way to Richmond rather than a defined area but not sure that is a bad thing. Lovely walks along the river, lots of green spaces. Good schools

Only downside is the flight path, make sure you visit enough times to really understand how low the planes are (they go on rotation)

Ginflinger Wed 07-Apr-21 22:44:55

I loved living there, but was 10 years ago and pre-kids so no use to you. Loved it. Sigh.

After8itsgrownuptime Thu 08-Apr-21 13:47:30

It’s a lovely area and great for kids. My son regularly walks to his friends house and the local park at aged 11 and I’m not worried. Only advice is that schools are over subscribed so although you will be ok for primary , if you are looking at secondary and Orleans park , then you need to be the south side of the a316 and not the north side. This year the offers didn’t go beyond a316 and those that were, got offered Richmond upon Thames school instead
Trains to Waterloo are 33 mins but depending on where you buy, you can walk to twickenham station and get the fast train at 21 mins to waterloo. It’s a buzzy little area but it is little - basically one long road of coffee shops and places to eat , but they are nice places.
Teddington has a nicer high street and a more villager buzzu feel but schools aren’t as good

Naf77 Tue 20-Apr-21 06:25:03

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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Member589500 Tue 20-Apr-21 06:31:34

Just make sure you buy somewhere with parking!
Love St Margarets. I think Kew has a similar vibe.

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