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rvc Wed 17-Mar-21 06:48:37

We are moving to Cambridge in Summer 2022 and will therefore miss applying to state secondaries for my son. I am wondering about The Leys but wanted to know if anyone has experience of sending their child to The Leys at year 7 versus St Faiths Prep and then entry at 13 +. I know it’s a very small intake at year 7 so wondered particularly for day if it is better to wait? Also have a daughter who will be going into Year 5 when we move so need to find a place for her as well...

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mastertomsmum Wed 24-Mar-21 23:05:22

We have neighbours who have a child in Yr10 at The Leys who started in Yr 7. Wasn’t greatly enjoying until the full cohort arrived in Yr 9. Now loves it.

My DS was at St Faith’s, the Pre Prep years were okish with an adequate amount of nurture and learning. Years 3 and 4 were really odd. Stupid amounts of sport and a stale curriculum that had been regurgitated without update for too many years, the classrooms in School House were dreadful. The Year 3 classroom wasn’t big enough for 18 kids and a teacher so the teacher’s desk was a sort of lectern in the corner. We left in Yr 5.

In Cambridge we have Perse and Stephen Perse. Their senior schools begin with Yr 7. There is also Oaks International and Landmark International plus Sancton Wood and Heritage. Academically the 2 Perse franchises are the best, Leys next best.

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