Due in 2 weeks and been cheated on

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KrystalXx Sat 06-Mar-21 19:26:11

Hey guys..:. So I’m expecting my 2nd child in 2 weeks. I have been with my partner 3 years he has a child from a previous relationship who is 6.
His sons Mum is always so horrible towards me and hasn’t got over him being with me in the whole 3 years me and my partner have been together. I had a gut instinct my partner was still talking to her behind my back so on Friday I said to him on the phone that she had messaged me conversations between him and her. He got upset and admitted having sex with her in Nov 2020...

Now I’m starting to wonder was this the only time? Why did he have sex with her? Knowing I was pregnant at that time too !

I also used to live with him but in September I moved out and into my own house as me and him had a argument, ever since he was so adamant of us living separately, and him coming to stay over at my place ....

I’m due in 2 weeks, he is now saying he wants a DNA test. I’m assuming he is saying this because he is guilty of himself
I’m feeling upset and don’t know if when we talk again I should try sort things out or if I should leave him to do what he likes ?
He has me blocked on WhatsApp and Message at the moment but one minute I think leave him, let him message about the baby when the baby is born and it needs spoken about
And the next I think, try work things out, put things behind us for the sake of being with him and having a baby...
But with it being his ex I think I would struggle to get over it ...

Someone helpppp

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DelphiniumBlue Sat 06-Mar-21 19:35:44

You are carrying is child, due to give birth any day and he has blocked you???
He has cheated on you, is insulting you by asking for a DNA test, how can you possibly think there is anything to sort out in terms of a relationship? I'm appalled, this guy is just awful.
You can't put this behind you, he's shown you the sort of person he is, it can only get worse.The sort of guy who cheats on and then blocks the woman who is carrying his child is not going to be a great father. He is not supporting you, he is a lowlife. Don't even consider taking him back. He will just bring you more misery.

Sunbird24 Sat 06-Mar-21 19:39:38

So he cheated on you, but expects you to do a DNA test to prove the baby is his? What a catch he is... Honestly if he’s got you blocked on everything it doesn’t particularly sound like he’s desperate to work things out, so I wouldn’t be falling over myself to try and get him back.

KrystalXx Sat 06-Mar-21 19:41:26

Thanks, it can be so easy to over right everything and not think properly so I think ur advice has been really good for me 🙏 Your right
Thank You X

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KrystalXx Sat 06-Mar-21 19:42:08

Thanks😘 X x

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