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jmb72 Thu 25-Feb-21 21:07:39

Hi There,
After some inside info re. Sutton Grammar. Putting my son in for SET test etc (currently Yr 5) able and stands a good chance apparently. Possibly unlike some parents I'm seeking a school which pushes but also massively nurtures and concerned that SGS might be a little too uber competitive. I'ld love to find out what the actual atmosphere is like in the school once you're in. I know it has a great rep for pastoral and certainly less hot housey than the other Grammars but to what extent?
How much homework would a typical Year 7 boy receive per night?
Is there a supportive or competitive atmosphere? Or good balance?
Is it heavy on the STEM subjects to the detriment of others?
Are the boys happy?
Any insights welcome. Thanks so tricky when all the open days are virtual ATM!

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sjs24 Fri 19-Mar-21 20:50:53

Hello @jmb72,
My son is in Year 8 at SGS.
He's a kind, gentle boy, loves music but not sporty. At his primary school he was friends with quite a few girls and I wondered how he'd get on in an all boy cohort...He's extremely happy at Sutton Grammar - we've found it to be a caring school and one which seems interested in an all-round education and not just the academics. This was a priority for us when looking for a school for him and for us it stood out amongst the Sutton grammars for this reason. Many staff seem to have been there a long time, or were even educated at the school themselves and the school has a family feel to it. The staff work hard to get to know the boys and there are many clubs and activities (such as Year 7 board games club) which help the boys to become quickly integrated into school life and get to know other students and staff.
So answering your questions:
Year 7 would get about 1 hour a night roughly (maybe a bit extra with revision for tests etc) but certainly nothing excessive. There wasn't any holiday homework either.
I think the atmosphere is competitive but also supportive; the school has a strong house system and the boys are in 5 forms in each school year. They compete as a form against other forms in everything from poetry to music to sports to chess etc. So this knits them together as a form group and helps them to appreciate each other's skills and talents. Obviously as a selective school there are many bright and able boys and it can be a shock moving from being top of your primary class to being with other equally capable boys, but it's also great for them to be challenged and for lessons to be pitched at their ability, and my son has made that transition much better than I thought he might.
The curriculum seems well balanced...they have a choice of 3 languages to A level, the English department seems enthusiastic and strong, there are various musical orchestras and choirs to get involved with, school magazine etc. They have a great sports ground at Northey Ave which they travel to for an afternoon of games once a week. There's also an onsite open air, heated pool used Easter-October. They seem to offer a range of trips although unfortunately COVID has put pay to a lot of that for the moment.
My son and his friends all seem very happy. So are the parents that I know. The boys have had excellent form tutors and seem to have a lot of respect for their teachers and enjoy their lessons. We've had a couple of small issues which the school have responded to and resolved really quickly. The school has also managed the circumstances around COVID really well with good communication, live lessons and quizzes for Year 7 boys in lockdown last year.
I hope that's of some help...this is my first ever post on Mumsnet! Feel free to DM me if you want to know anything else!

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