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Marchmallow20 Mon 22-Feb-21 14:36:52

Our family are planning a move from London to Bath, I grew up in the area but not in the city. We have two sons, one 8 and one 10. Seems like there are lots of great primary options around Bath so focussed on the right state secondary for our older boy (now 10) who is fairly academic, into nature, reading and fairly sporty too. We are looking at property in central Bath, and really like the look of Ralph Allen School, feel like it will be the right fit. We have found info about the catchment area and farthest (as the crow flies) from the school seems to be approx 2.2-2.3 miles. As we are looking centrally or Bathwick area this seems possible, but we'd be at the further end of the likely catchment. Does anyone have any recent experience of admissions/catchment considerations? Also is there a school bus from centre to the school or would we have to commit to a daily drive?

Any local intel gratefully received as it will help us work out which properties could work. We'd ideally be walking distance from station and able to get onto motorway as we will both will have to spend some time in London now and then for work.

Thanks in advance!

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Madcats Wed 24-Feb-21 19:54:12

Well the good news is that Beechen and Ralph Allen are both very good schools. I don't know enough about St Marks.

Catchments are getting very muddled because of all the redevelopment and families relocating from London. There are substantial new builds going on/completed at Mulberry Park (Foxhill), Holbourne (Warminster Road) and up on Lansdown and catchment areas will be shifting a lot in the next couple of years.

There are school buses that head up Bathwick Hill. Whether they have been upgraded to avoid the controlled air zone charge will become evident shortly. One certainly used to pick up at the fire station and Bathwick Hill. Details here:

TWtoBA Sun 02-May-21 03:12:02

Hello @Marchmallow20

I hope you found the info you needed and made a safe move to Bath. halo

We’re in a similar situation, moving from West London with DS11 & DD6. My partner is also from the area!

Can you please share what you’ve learnt on Ralph Allen catchments. We’re going to be just south of Bathford in Monkton Farleigh, equidistant between Ralph Allen and St Laurence school; although RA is the preference at present. Any info you could share either here or in a DM would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks

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