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talk to me someone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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gemat Fri 02-Nov-07 23:01:05

hey you local mums where are you, does any one actually use this site


jofeb04 Sat 03-Nov-07 09:59:20

I'm in blackwood!Email or Cat me!

PeachesMcLean Sat 03-Nov-07 10:03:53


TBH I hardly ever look at the local bit. It's one of those bits you have to remember to check, unless you appear in Active convos as you have just now.

Did you post about a meet up? I'm one of those crap ones who've talked about it but have never managed to get organised blush I work full time so coffee with kids is tricky for me. Happy to chat here though!
I'm in the middle of Cardiff, if that helps.

gemat Sat 03-Nov-07 13:44:23

meet up would be good im soooooooo bored need some goosip chat coffee, run out of things to say to my 2 year old

anyone fancy meeting up?

PeachyCosmicExplosion Sat 03-Nov-07 13:45:42

I'm just outside Cardiff but also ne ver think to check here

there are actually quite a few local mums I think

gemat Sat 03-Nov-07 13:49:35

ok any other local mums reading this, and who are around in week sometimes, lets arrange a meet up


gemat Sat 03-Nov-07 13:53:54

by the way have just joined david lloyd gym anyone else members. hate going to the gym on my own too many fit people! but going to make an effort

ainatx Fri 23-Nov-07 14:55:23

Ive just joined and I am hoping to meet up with local mums, I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. any one fancy a chat, I live in gabalfa, cardiff.

natalie77410 Mon 26-Nov-07 10:27:47

Im in Rumney, I think. So sleep deprived that Im not really sure of anything! Got a 3 week old daughter who sleeps all day and screams all night

gemat Tue 27-Nov-07 14:28:06

hi natalie. I totally feel for you at the moment, but it isnt always this hard I promise. if you fancy a coffee and a chat let me know

take care

blushingm Tue 27-Nov-07 20:13:30

woo hoo i work in cardiff and live in st athan xxxx

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