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PeacefulYoga Sat 13-Feb-21 08:20:02

I think my Husband is cheating on me. When the virus situation first hit he was coming home early because there wasn’t that much work to be done at the office - he explained. As of October he’s been staying much later at the office, claiming he has to catch up on work but I’ve noticed a sudden change in his behaviour, he’s been bringing home takeaways and toys for the kids like he’s guilty. He’s not pestering me for sex like he usually does, or a blowy, and you know when you just know, well I know something isn’t right. I know this is crazy but I got my friend to drive past his office and the lights were off and the car wasn’t there and he came home three hours later. The worrying thing is, I think he’s cheating on me with an nineteen year old that works at the office. When she first started working there, he would ask all these questions like, ‘do you think she gets a lot of d**k’ it’s not like him to ask questions like that, but suddenly it’s like he doesn’t care anymore and he thinks he’s a “lad” again or always was, but I’m starting to wonder if this has been him all along and I’ve been fooled by him. He was sleeping the other night and I saw he has a bruise on his penis, which I thought you only got when you were younger or from anal sex. He has had everything handed to him in life and I wonder now, if I was merely a stage in his narcissistic life and he’s starting to move on. He’s acting stage like sitting reading stuff on ‘lad bible’ and the other night he was talking about going to Peru to drink something called “Ayahuasca” - ‘don’t you think that would be fun, to go and drink a tea that makes you see aliens and stuff’ - no I don’t. I don’t care if this is a mid life crisis, he’s done, I’m going to have to catch him somehow. I’m looking back on everything, and I think I’ve been completely fooled by him, why did he even want to have kids - because all his mates were probably.

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