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hmmmyeah Thu 11-Feb-21 13:56:39

We are looking to move to Cardiff and keen on Pontcanna. We have a 1 and a 3 year old, are moving from my home town in the Midlands. My partner is from Swansea and went to Uni in Cardiff but many years ago. I'd love to hear all your thoughts on Pontcanna. We moved from London back to my home town but finding it a little too quiet. We considered moving back to London but I think it would be a bit too expensive and too much (busy, chaotic, no beach and countryside nearby), whereas we feel like Cardiff can offer a lot more balance. I'd also love to hear any suggestions on making friends etc! In a non Covid world is there a nice community in Pontcanna? Thanks!

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Letsleepingdogslie8 Thu 18-Mar-21 11:33:21

Pontcanna is lovely. Expensive and no parking but lovely up-market shops, delis etc. Beautiful parks in the area.

In terms of schools, there are a few good ones but the Welsh-medium ones are generally the most sought after.

CinnamonCurls Wed 24-Mar-21 00:21:15

Pontcanna is a really nice area, echoing what was said above really! Parking is a bit of a nightmare but nice schools, nice houses and generally friendly people!

Sarianne Sun 15-Aug-21 13:14:23

We are in the same position! Living in Toronto now but looking to move back next year. We want to be close to parks and green space like our 2 year old is accustomed too- so pontacana seems the right fit. Would love to hear more!

Hooplawho Sun 15-Aug-21 13:37:04

Pontcanna does have lovely shops and cafes and llandaff fields is really nice - but if you have a car the parking is terrible. I wouldn’t pay those house prices to have nowhere to park tbh. Just in case of interest, houses out by Victoria Park and off Pencisely road often have more space and that area is getting more cafes etc, might be worth looking at Canton, Penylan and Whitchurch too. Cardiff is a lovely place to live smile

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