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yourfriend Wed 03-Feb-21 16:52:29

Hi All,
My DD is offered seat in waiting list for Stephen Perse for year7 but I am not sure what is the chance of offer or school policy in general. Not much information is being provided by the school so was wondering members familiar with this school can throw some light based on their experience. I know some schools offer more places than its max capacity knowing that not all offers will be accepted and in that case chance of moving to waiting list is slim.


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mastertomsmum Wed 24-Mar-21 23:09:34

We were on waiting list for the other Perse. So far as we know, we still are. My DS in Yr 10 and we have not heard anything.

Hbty Thu 08-Apr-21 20:31:36

We applied for Stephen Perse this year and the whole experience has been atrocious. I am afraid that I doubt now you are still on a waiting list, it is more likely that the extremely rude admissions lady doesn’t feel it is important to actually tell you what the situation is.
We came away from the experience with the view that all year 7 places are now filled by their junior schools. The examination process was a farce (no proper instructions, no invigilation, no concern for the pupil) and with the attitude of the school towards enquiries about year 7 entry I can only assume that you need to be in the spf system already in order to get a place.

mastertomsmum Wed 14-Apr-21 22:27:29

Wow it must have really changed in the last 4 years. They were so nice to us and we felt really sad to turn the place down

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