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Rachyhayes Mon 25-Jan-21 21:14:23

Hi all

We have a possible home swap lined up for HP19 7RF area moving from a quiet area in Milton Keynes.

Can you give me some information about the area please?

Thanks in advance

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Rachyhayes Tue 26-Jan-21 12:03:09

Anyone with any information out there?

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MaizeBlouse Tue 26-Jan-21 12:06:18

I went to school in Aylesbury (about 20yrs ago!) and grew up in MK. Aylesbury seemed like a total shithole, sorry to those who I've probably offended! MK wasn't much better but certainly cleaner and had more to do as a family so I think it looks like a good swap in my outdated opinion.

seriouslyworriedhelp Mon 15-Mar-21 17:03:04

@Rachyhayes I believe the area you're thinking of moving to is Prebendal Farm? It's been developed there quite a lot recently, not sure it's particularly quiet.

The local primary is Bearbrook, which has recently become an academy, there is also St Mary's on Fairford Leys, just next to the estate (but heavily subscribed).

You'd be very close to Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, if your DC pass their 11+, but unlike MK there are are no comps in Bucks, and the secondary school options for those who fail are not good.

Rachyhayes Tue 30-Mar-21 18:37:07

Thank you all, I have passed on this house, will keep looking to find the right fit smile

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