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StephKirton Sun 24-Jan-21 13:04:14

Hi all,

I’m originally from Sheffield and looking to move back in the next 12 months. I’m looking to move to different areas to where I was brought up probably West and South West Sheffield. We like Crookes, Sharrowvale sort fo areas. I’m a bit confused about Nether Edge as it’s not an area I know but I do keep seeing houses in the style we like roughly in our budget. I’ve read that Nether Edge is a bit mixed in terms of quality and some areas are nicer than others. Can anyone tell me a bit more about where to look around that area and what makes some parts ‘dodgy’ as quoted in other posts I’ve seen.

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raysofhope Fri 19-Mar-21 16:04:07

As someone who has lived in southwest Sheffield most of my life, I think favourably of all the areas you’ve mentioned, and I don’t think you’d go wrong in any areas of West Sheffield. When choosing our most recent house purchase we considered crime maps available from South Yorks police, and a very general pattern seems to be that crime reduces the further away from the centre you go. I think this would apply to Netheredge, I lived in the part bordering CarterKnowle a few years ago and enjoyed living there, it always felt safe. We now live further out in Ecclesall, which we like as it has closer access to the countryside and also better availability of houses with larger gardens (much of NetherEdge seems to be nice large Victorian properties but tiny gardens). Let me know how your search is going and good luck!

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