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dentist - good with children

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brightonlass Sat 27-Oct-07 14:48:24


I'm looking for recommendations of a child friendly dentist in Brighton. Also someone who is good with phobic adults.

Don't mind NHS or private recommendations, it's more about finding a caring/understanding dentist.

Thank you

2shoescreepingthroughblood Sat 27-Oct-07 15:21:43

Hello are you new.
ds sees a lovely dentist in moulscombe.
He hates dentists(he is 15) but doesn't mind going to this one. they are really good with children and they do adults as well. they take referals from other dentists and are used to phobic patients. If interested I can email you the details.

Spink Sat 27-Oct-07 19:40:05

Our dentist is lovely too - at the St George's practice in Kemp Town.. just don't see the senior dentist there, I moved from him when he cracked my tooth shock to the younger and IMO much better bloke

brightonlass Sat 27-Oct-07 20:27:20

Hi 2shoescreepingthroughblood, sorry I don't want to post my email address on here. Can you type the details on this thread instead? sorry I'm new at this. Not sure how it all works yet?!!

2shoescreepingthroughblood Sat 27-Oct-07 21:02:18

Newick dental practice..98 newick rd telephone
They do NHS

brightonlass Sat 27-Oct-07 21:12:09

Thanks. What is the name of the dentist your son sees?

GarrottedbyElasticband Sat 27-Oct-07 21:13:48

st faith's, dental hospital in east grinstead, great for children and phobics

2shoescreepingthroughblood Sun 28-Oct-07 08:57:22

not sure think there is only one. but if not they will all be good with children.

Pollyanna Sun 28-Oct-07 09:03:14

my dentist nr St Anne' Wells is good - my children go there. I'm not sure how he is with phobic people though as none of us are. My mum goes there and hates the dentist (not sure if she would be classed as phobic though). There are always alot of children there - Somerhill Dentist something.

brightonlass Mon 29-Oct-07 13:34:45

Thanks all. Anyone else?

dhw Thu 08-Nov-07 12:45:07

The dentist in Rottingdean on West St is fantastic. Amazingly good with kids. My child is 5

zboni Fri 30-Nov-07 20:04:59

Hi Our dentist in Henfield is great and easy free parking, only 15mins from Brighton, my husband hated the dentist and hadnt gone for 15yrs until I took him there and now he is fine , my little girl is already on their list for her 1 yr check up! tel 01273 492228 Ben

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