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Keeran Sun 10-Jan-21 10:40:01

Hi I’m looking for some recommendations please.
My DD is 8 weeks and we are looking for a nursery for when she is 11 months and I go back to work. We are only looking for 2 morning sessions. We are able to view nurseries however only when they are empty. I work as a teacher and know you can’t get a true idea of a place unless you see the staff and children.

Can anyone recommend any nurseries they have used please? We have seen Kinderland and Fennies are there any other recommendations?

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Newheights20 Fri 09-Apr-21 20:05:37

Hi Keeran

There are other nurseries around South Croydon including Busy Bees and Little Apples which are worth exploring. We have a number of friends who had their children at these nurseries and were happy with respect to the babyroom. The Lemon Tree nursery is great if you are looking for flexibility but they only accept children from the age of 2.

If you were to choose a Fennies nursery I would avoid the South Croydon one (St Augustines) as we experienced a lot of issues when our child was there (constant staff turnover including in management, safety questionnable at times, general experience of staff not being that great, management also being difficult at times). The Fennies in Sanderstead though seemed much better run from having spoken to friends at the time.

Hope that helps.

Keeran Fri 09-Apr-21 21:24:20

Thank you for your message we looked at little apples and are going with them.

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