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Baby Swimming in Tower Hamlets

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elkiedee Fri 26-Oct-07 18:33:14

Hi all,

I don't live in Tower Hamlets at all, I'm a way north in Tottenham, but have booked my baby on to swimming lessons in TH because I couldn't find information closer to home and have heard that the pools in Haringey require booking in person when they deign to provide information on their lessons.

Has anyone else taken their child to the London Swimming School lessons at Mile End (where I'm booked) or at York Road in Bethnal Green (where if the first lot go well I might try to get on in the New Year for a few weeks, though probably won't be able to keep it up once I go back to work).

kestral Sun 14-Dec-08 23:03:56

How did you get on with these lessons? I am planning to book London Swimming School lessons for next term at St Georges Pools.

Faroohasmum Wed 09-Feb-11 21:42:28

I and my baby girl will start on Friday 11th Feb at George Green's school with water babies, all the mums I know highly recommended the course. wish u luck with yours.

Kate4ka Fri 04-Mar-11 02:25:19

We too, doing With Water Babies with my son. It's better to start before the age of 6 months, as baby still have 'womb' reflexes and is not swallowing under water... but lessons within London Swim School a lot cheaper, so it is upon the budget...

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