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coffee and chat

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gemat Thu 25-Oct-07 19:58:48

I have recently joined mumsnet and would love to meet up with other local mumsmet people. I have 2 children 2 and 5 and am desperate for adult converstion and gossip. Any of you fancy getting together for a good old natter!!!!

LaraCroft Sun 28-Oct-07 20:20:43

smile Hi Gemat,
I too recently joined mumsnet. (see post anybody out there!) Where in Cardiff do you live?

gemat Mon 29-Oct-07 20:07:19

hi laracroft. I live in marshfield, where do you live

LaraCroft Tue 30-Oct-07 11:16:25

I live north of Caerphilly (near Blackwood). Have you tried local mother & toddler groups? I believe that there have been a number of attempts to organise a meet up but somehow they just don't happen. sad

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