Relocating to Bristol - Clevedon / Portishead - Advice please!

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Kimbanetic Sat 02-Jan-21 10:59:59

Hi there, my husband has a new job in Bristol so we are looking at re-locating from London. We don't want to live in the city so are looking at moving to the coast as we are very outdoorsy and into sailing / other water sports. We've one 3Y DD and another on the way. Any suggestions on whether Clevedon or Portishead might be better? Also how's the commute by car into Bristol?
Thanks in advance for any advice! x

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Purplesparkle34 Sat 02-Jan-21 11:10:19

I live in Clevedon and love it here. I grew up here.
I have a DD aged 2 and a baby due next month and it’s great for kids. Lots of friendly toddler groups and play areas.
Commute into Bristol is straight forward too. Good transport links.

Kimbanetic Sat 02-Jan-21 15:06:59

Thanks @Purplesparkle34 - it does sound like it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. How is rush hour traffic?

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YakkityYakYakYak Sat 02-Jan-21 15:27:25

Both lovely areas. I tried to convince DH to move to Clevedon but we decided the commute to the city centre would be too much, so we’ve stayed by the M32 (even so, it takes an hour in rush hour to get into the city).
Will your DH be working in central Bristol? Not sure on exact commute time but traffic getting in and out can be quite slow, if hoping to drive. So you’d probably want to look at train times instead.

Purplesparkle34 Sat 02-Jan-21 16:00:41

Rush hour traffic can be quite slow, could take 40mins-1hr to get into the centre.
Trains are good, there is a station at Austin which is 10mins from Clevedon. There’s also a good park and ride at Long Ashton

Purplesparkle34 Sat 02-Jan-21 16:01:24

Sorry, station at Yatton!

cormorantes Sat 02-Jan-21 16:03:12

You won't get very far with sailing/waters ports round Clevedon or anywhere close by, the Bristol channel is not the place!

TreaterAnita Sat 02-Jan-21 16:09:16


You won't get very far with sailing/waters ports round Clevedon or anywhere close by, the Bristol channel is not the place!

Um, there’s an actual marina in Portishead.

Kimbanetic Sat 02-Jan-21 22:30:11

Thanks @YakkityYakYakYak - that’s really helpful! Hopefully working from home a couple of days a week will be a possibility!

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Kimbanetic Sat 02-Jan-21 22:30:58

Thanks @Purplesparkle34 I’ll check out trains and the park and ride option

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moonlight1705 Sat 02-Jan-21 22:46:18

There is also a sailing/yacht club in Weston-Super-Mare (and I'm sure there will be one in Clevedon too) just down the road so think it will be fine to sail.

MrsMoastyToasty Thu 07-Jan-21 19:13:42

Have you looked at Nailsea? Its the next town to Clevedon.
I can't tell you what its like for schools etc, as I only worked there, but it has a reasonable shopping precinct and a railway station with direct trains to Bristol.

Kimbanetic Fri 08-Jan-21 09:52:40

Thanks @moonlight1705 - will check it out smile

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Kimbanetic Fri 08-Jan-21 09:53:41

@MrsMoastyToasty - I've not checked out Nailsea yet but will take a look! So many places to research! Thanks

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