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Child Friendly Brighton Cafe

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luceuk Tue 23-Oct-07 17:32:24

Can anyone recommend a child friendly brighton cafe that does homemade cakes and decent hot chocolate?

furrycat Wed 24-Oct-07 09:19:30

Yes - the Garden Cafe in St Ann's Wells Gardens. Fab cakes and exceptionally child friendly

The best hot chocolate in town is in the Red Roaster in St James Street - it's like they've just melted a bar of chocolate and poured it into a cup. Never had their cakes, but they do have high chairs!

luceuk Wed 24-Oct-07 14:19:03

many thanks furrycat. I'll be making a visit to both your suggestions, can't wait!

ArcticRoll Wed 24-Oct-07 15:41:04

Bill's in North Street-though a bit cramped with a buggy and very busy.

Spink Wed 24-Oct-07 18:31:52

The rotunda in Preston Park is lovely, and seems to be open all the time
And the Barefoot Cafe, which is on the seafront at Kemp Town, is great. It is where the new beach volleyball courts are - and on nice days there are always lots of children playing in the sand by the cafe decking.. they even provide buckets and spades!! Next door is a playground with that soft tarmacy stuff - that has its own cafe, tho I've never tried it so no idea about cakes and things.

slightlyharried Fri 30-Nov-07 11:17:36

the cafe in Queens park is also brilliant - great cakes - even gluten free and it's not too expensive - though it is a little outdoors at the moment -
the other good place is the puccini's on george street - it;s got a courtyard at the back with toys for children - again not sure how that's going to be with babies now -
or - another suggestion is the big starbucks on western road near palmeira square and brunswick square - it's got loads of space and some toys and it's indoors - hooray

Spidermama Tue 04-Dec-07 10:17:00

Hove Park cafe is very child friendly. Lots of toys outside, free water in jugs and they often host childrens entertainment days, egg hunts and the like.

They also happen to do the most fabulous coffee.

BrummieOnTheRun Fri 07-Dec-07 16:54:02

The cafe at Otello's food hall in Hove (church road) does the most equisite cakes and desserts I've seen down here. Very accessible, and has baby changing facilities and high chairs.

Ethel's Kitchen on Blatchington is child-friendly, has great cakes but hardly any room for buggies.

I'm yet to find a buggy-accessible independent cafe in central Brighton so if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to hear them. Sick to the back teeth of Starbucks, Coffee Republic et al, but seem to be the only ones that are accessible.

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