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PutMum Mon 14-Dec-20 11:03:57

Hi mums, I would be very grateful for any input/thoughts. We are moving to Portobello from London to be closer to family after several years away. I hear good things about the place, but we have never been although we did live for a year in central Edinburgh a decade ago. Would be grateful for some info so I can prepare mentally for what's ahead and plan. We are concerned about a teenager fitting into Portobello high after being in London, so would be good to know if there are many private school mums in Porty. Is it easy to travel to schools from Portobello on public transport (George Herriot/Stewart Melville/George Watson). We haven't been able to visit or see Portobello High as my husband is shielding so everything feels a little theoretical. What are the worst downsides to living there, and highlights please? If Towerbank Priamry is 'bursting at the seams' (as I read somewhere) what is the actual experience for little ones like in class? Do they take advantage of the being close to the sea in lessons or PE etc...? We are a mixed race couple with mostly English accents, would there be others like us to meet and get to know? Is there a social life we could plug into? My husband is also a chess coach so would there be any takers for that?

I would be super grateful for all and any input at all. Thank you.

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Eightytwenty Tue 15-Dec-20 22:36:10

This site isn’t used locally. Recommend you sign up to Edinburgh Gossip Girls FB page and ask there.

From what I know kids at Towerbank utilise the beach all the time. There’s an amazing community. Lots of private school kids do travel into town but traffic can be slow. Lots of nice kids at the new high school but it is a comprehensive so mixed. Gets good reviews from those I know.

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