Thinking of moving to Stroud/surrounding areas

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BeeEvans Mon 30-Nov-20 23:16:01

Hi there,

I'm looking for some info on living in Stroud, if possible.

I've been told it has beautiful countryside, friendly people, creative vibes/local writers groups, nice veggie eateries and some cool bars/pubs. (I'm a project manager/writer, working from home).

I'm 32 and currently live in Somerset, originally from London. I'm looking for somewhere where I can feel safe walking my dog in the evening, and living alone, and somewhere with access to rural peace, but also a bit of buzz close enough by (a community or opportunity to get to know people easily).

I've been told the five valleys, especially Nailsworth are great places to live. So i'm interested to hear about surrounding areas of Stroud also, but would be great to know what it's like to live in actual Stroud too and areas that are pretty, or maybe even possibly if there are a decent number of people in my age group. Though that's not the be all and end all smile

Any advice on anything I've asked, would be brilliant. All opinions welcome. I've only heard amazing things about Stroud and it almost seems a bit too good to be true! (I've also been told to avoid pagan hill which is a shame as there seem to be lovely properties there).

Thanks so much!

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Joi87 Sun 21-Mar-21 13:32:18

Hi Beevans,,

I'm also planning a move from the South East to Stroud !

How's the planning going? Any Stroudies (if that's what they're called) imparted their advice on area? I am thinking that renting might be a good start. smile

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