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JessDay Fri 19-Oct-07 21:30:43

This is probably a dumb question, but does anyone have any bright ideas about getting a haircut for a 19month old? Dd can barely see out. The last time her dad cut her hair it looked great, but everyone thought she was a boy. Cafe Junior in Cathays used to have a hairdresser on a Monday, but they've stopped doing it, and I'm not sure I can face trying to hold her still in a regular chair in a hairdressers. Any bright ideas (Penarth or Cardiff).


PeachesMcLean Fri 19-Oct-07 21:41:46

Didn't The Learning Tree in Pontcanna open a children's salon? Vaguely remember something like this - dread to think how much it costs though.

I used to love chopping away at DS's hair. sit him in front of the telly and I'd have a good old snip at it. Very satisfying. grin

nappychangingmachine Sat 20-Oct-07 19:42:36

Learning Tree charge around £10, but haven't been there in a while so could be more now? Took DS for the first time when he was around 15 months. They can play with toys at a table so don't have to sit down. He didn't want to sit so this really worked for him. Older kids can sit and watch a dvd. I just take him to a regular hairdresser now. Gave him a little snack the first couple of times to distract him but now he's happy to have it cut. grin

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 22-Oct-07 12:46:46

oh yes, i used to take ds to salon junior in the learning tree. It is a £10 but was worth it for ds as he would scream the place down if i tok him into my hairdressers for a cut!
It's totally geared up for kids (obv!!) with lots to distract them in a nice intimate environment.

now ds had got over his phobia i just take him along with me when im having a cut and they give him a quick trim.

PeachesMcLean Mon 22-Oct-07 20:45:31

We normally pay £6 at the Crop Shop on Albany Road but DS is a bit older now.

DH made the mistake of taking DS to Harvey's in the arcade off Wellfield Road.

£12, a really dweeby cut and no lollipop.


learning Tree sounding perfectly reasonable now.

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