Airplane noise in SW18

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TankEngineQuizmaster Mon 16-Nov-20 22:17:47

Hello - first timer here. Very grateful for any opinions on inbound aircraft noise over Wimbledon Park/Southfields (pre-lockdown!) Appreciate those of you living in the area, de facto, don't find it enough of a problem to consider relocation but anyone noise sensitive enough to find it has a quality of life impact? DS very noise sensitive - multiple accidents on balance bike when taking hands off handlebars to cover ears when motorbike goes by, won't get out of the car if roadworks nearby etc. etc. We would love to move into the Wimbledon Park/Southfields area (and need to asap for schools) but am afraid to take the risk to find A380s cruising over at 5am! Alternative is Harpenden; dreading crying into my breakfast chia pudding every day because of the ennui of it.... Many thanks for any input.

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