Up to date opinions on Sancton Wood please

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1busybee Tue 03-Nov-20 09:55:51

Has anyone got any recent opinions on Sancton Wood school please? My son is bright enough - not super bright but in top sets at current school but he really hates his current school and is desperate to leave. He has enough friends but finds the teaching quite stressful. He is very sporty but does a lot out of school. Would be nice to have some school competitions though obviously covid aside. I think I’m after a school which has good quality teaching and allows children to have an active interest and discussion in the subject they are learning. Positive teachers. Somewhere which is not a hot house but extends the children to be the best they can. Somewhere where the students are encouraged to look out for each other and take care of themselves and each other. SW looks to take a very mixed intake and that considered seems to get good results at gcse. My son is currently year 8 and is on the waiting list for an alternative state secondary but came across SW and thought it may be a viable alternative. Thanks

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Katrin4 Thu 10-Dec-20 23:30:13

If you're looking for a very relaxed approach with reasonable teaching then it might work well be for you. I think some parents really rate it as a school. I certainly didn't, but I was expecting something more professional and better organised. They also didn't follow up concerns very well. My impression was that how things looked was more important than ensuring that each child was well supported in their education. But I am a disgruntled parent who didn't like the school, so maybe other parents have had better experiences.

1busybee Sat 12-Dec-20 07:44:40

Thank you. All opinions are useful. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. Lack of follow up on concerns doesn’t sound good.

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cams33 Fri 08-Jan-21 14:45:18

Another disgruntled parent here! They do offer small classes, the new building is impressive, and they are very organised with the online learning. However, the care for the kids is all talk and no action. For us, that was more important than a shiny website/cafeteria....

Anguillagirl Tue 09-Feb-21 18:52:09

Didn't rate it, removed my child from the school after serious behavioural concerns about other children in his class. Staff didn't take concerns seriously (issues around bullying, racism, homophobia, online grooming) - pretty shocking. We had been warned that this was a school that took on kids with behavioural problems but we were impressed with the small class sizes and look of the place. But after two years we realised we should have listened to those warnings from other parents.

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