Where to live in york

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fullhandsfullheart Sun 11-Oct-20 13:46:52

Newbie here but hoping for some advice.

We are investigating moving to York for my oh job (he will be based in bootham end of clifton) and we are now looking at what we can afford and in what areas.

For info we need 4 beds (happy to buy a 3 and extend if it circa £300k) and have a top budget of £400k. So can't afford bishy road area which I know is most desirable. I have 3 children - 8, 7 and 2 so primary and secondary schools are a consideration.

I've never lived in a town so worrying about areas... Would be nice to be in walking distance of town and oh work.

So wondering, with this kind of budget, where you'd recommend as a nice area to live (hopefully with a community feel) for a young professional family? (and anywhere that we should specifically avoid!)

Currently wondering about holgate and heworth but worried about secondaries there. Maybe fulford or huntington would be a better fit?

Any advice, really appreciated xx

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CarrieBlue Sun 11-Oct-20 17:39:47

Heworth would be Archbishop Holgate school for secondary - you don’t need to worry about that.

fullhandsfullheart Sun 11-Oct-20 18:18:37

That's great to know, thank you xx

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Soulstirring Tue 13-Oct-20 03:04:11

I think heworth or Huntington would be great choices. Both walkable with good bUs routes.

seayork2020 Tue 13-Oct-20 04:22:07

Fulford is nice

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