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Gyms with creches

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Helenback Thu 11-Oct-07 14:27:44

Hi does anyone use a local gym that has a good creche?

showbiz Thu 11-Oct-07 22:14:59

depends where you are, la fitness in southgate has a creche, and apparently furzefield centre in potters bar is good and has a creche? sorry can't be much help.

MammyT Sun 14-Oct-07 21:30:51

If you're in the Mill Hill area, there's also the Virgin Gym beside Waitrose. I used this creche twice for my baby who was about 8 mths at the time. The baby room isn't used much and had a very nice women there; the room for older children is much more popular.

I had other issues with this gym but the creche was good.

boo64 Tue 16-Oct-07 21:53:34

What were your issues Mammy - just curious as was thinking of joining but it didn't seem very clean in the changing rooms -was that what made you leave?

MammyT Sun 21-Oct-07 21:53:01

I decided to leave when going back to work after mat leave and as I was on a monthly contract, this should have been easy. A woman at the reception told me to just cancel my direct debit which I did. I eventually got letters because there was a leavers procedure to follow so I owed them two months worth by this stage angry. It made me mad but they got very threatening and in the end, I paid up most of it to get them to go away.

Even now I get letters asking me to rejoin which is quite funny as I'm about to go on mat. leave and may actually be looking for another gym. But not that one! wink But the creche is fine..

boo64 Mon 22-Oct-07 11:21:03

The Laboratory in Hendon is brilliant - really swanky and ultra-clean - much nicer than the VirginActive and I thought the creche was great. The downsides are that it is expensive and also children are only allowed inthe pool on Sundays.

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