Relocation decisions - help and advice appreciated

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mrsbrightside73 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:21:58

Hi, it was hard to pick a board to post this on because it is quite a broad area I'm looking at. We are potentially making a big move next year after our daughter goes to Uni. It has always been the plan to sell up (currently in Hertfordshire) and make some life changes. My husband is originally from Loughborough, is a huge Forest fan and his one desire is to get a season ticket again. It was never the plan to move to actual Nottingham as my family are all in Essex! We were looking at a midway point, like Stamford, but he is trying to convince me to move closer. I don't drive so living in a relatively large town/village or city is vital for me, or at least one that has all the basics and a good train line so I can to a bigger city easily. Conversations keep going round in circles because neither of us know the area around Nottingham/Rutland very well. A nice place called Bingham has been mentioned (it has a station which is good), Stamford (which we like) and Oakham (we haven't been there). And of course Nottingham itself, although he has never lived there, he knows West Bridgford a bit and has a sister in Arnold.

My question really is, what are the good places in Nottingham, or outside Nottingham that have good transport links for me, anything up to an hour or so drive to the City Ground works for him (but really he'd live in West Bridgford with a 5 min walk ;))

I have some time to do some research, look at areas, do some visits and drive-by's, look at properties online etc.

We are late forties, we have one daughter who will hopefully be off to Uni next Sept, we like walk and go to the pub, eat out etc. I'l like to be able to make some new friends, which I'm a bit nervous about as I won't know anyone. We are quite social though and love exploring a new area. We'd have a healthy housing budget too, so hopefully gives us a fair bit of choice. Just really interested on your thoughts of Nottingham, versus outside of Nottingham, versus further out to Rutland etc (or anywhere I may have not considered in that circle). Thanks so much.

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Mapletreelane Thu 19-Nov-20 18:33:03

@mrsbrightside73 are you still looking for some advice? I'm in West Bridgford, been here 20 years qnd love it, there are some many places this side of Nottingham near to A52 which are all vibrant thriving communities...Edwalton, Ruddington, Radcliffe on Trent, Bingham, and the beautiful villages in vale of belvoir. I love all the facilities we have (not withstanding a pandemic) on our doorstep. It really is a great place to live .

mrsbrightside73 Fri 20-Nov-20 13:13:16

@Mapletreelane, thanks for your message. Good to know you're really happy in West Bridgford as I'm sure that will be my husband's first choice! We have considered Bingham but are yet to visit due to all the covid restrictions. The earliest we would move would be next autumn, so we have plenty of time to explore places and look at options. Transport is important to me as I don't drive, not sure what the options are in the other places you mentioned, Ruddington, Radcliffe on Trent and the villages in the Vale of Belvoir. I really would like a place with a train station, like Bingham, so I can easily get to Nottingham. I'm looking forward to exploring when we are allowed.

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MrsPnut Tue 24-Nov-20 07:35:56

The tram goes out to Clifton, Depending on where in Ruddington you choose, you may be able to use that and the bus definitely serves Radcliffe on Trent.

Charmatt Tue 22-Dec-20 12:01:24

There is lots of new building happening at Keyworth - lovely village in Rushcliffe with direct routes to Loughborough and Nottingham. It's situated midway between the two. West Bridgford is close and a good bus service to Nottingham.

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