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ukintheusa Sun 20-Sep-20 12:47:18

Hello mums! This Wednesday will be 14 days since my 6 yo daughter and I arrived in South Wimbledon from New York City. Self-isolation nearly at its end- yay!

I was hoping to get a bit of local advice. My daughter is long overdue for a dental check-up, and complained of a toothache a couple of weeks ago (I have a bad feeling there's going to be a cavity or two or....?). She's a bit the squirmy one... never been able to get a successful x-ray performed. I had been hoping to get her in for an appointment via NHS as a new patient, but this has proven difficult-- every practice I've contacted from the NHS referral site is not currently accepting new child patients (sigh). It looks like we may have to go private (not a big deal unless she for some reason needs a ton of work)-- does anyone have a dentist for their child that they love? Ideally within Wimbledon or close to it, has a good manner with children, and trustworthy.

And while I'm here, I'm beginning to wonder a bit about how babysitting works in a Covid world. Previously we'd been living in New York, not had a babysitter since February. I'm sure at some point I may wish to escape mum duty, actually carry an adult conversation with a friend, and will need a sitter to do so. We've been extremely cautious throughout this time. I'm wondering what the procedure is for such things, and where I should look to find someone for an occasional evening here and there. Safety in both the Covid sense and trust in care is of the utmost importance, but not quite sure where to begin.

So much to get sorted here-- my little one is getting pretty tired of having me for a playmate, she's definitely ready to get out there and interact with someone closer to her age!

Thanks so much for any insights you may have!! x

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