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Imya40 Sun 06-Sep-20 03:58:03


We are seriously thinking about moving to Ely as we really like the area and geographically it works for jobs and seeing family. We can also afford the right size and type of house for our family there.

The only thing that is holding back is the choice of schools for secondary education. We can't afford private education and this really needs to be our last house move until the kids leave home !

Can anyone advise on Ely College ? I can see that it's improving and now has a good Ofsted. There results still look below average though against the national average and the Ofsted does refer to some behavioral problems that still exist.

What is the 6 th form provision like for A- levels ?

My eldest is only 6 so I know that there is plenty of time for the school to improve further. But is this a realistic hope ?

Any advice would be gratefully received

Thanks so much

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