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does anyone know a good beauty salon/therapist in east london?

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SqueakyBroomstickBrushes Fri 05-Oct-07 20:23:17

I've decided not to go back to the salon i usually go to, so i'm now looking for somewhere new, mainly because my eyebrows desperately need shaping!

any recommendations?

onebatmother Thu 08-Nov-07 21:19:50

yes, st mary road e17 (walthamstow). Looks rickety - but they're really great!
Can't remember their name, sorry - post, and I'll look tomorrow and get their company name and the name of their best therapist.

Squeakybrushes Wed 14-Nov-07 14:50:02

Thanks obm, that would be great smile

doup76 Thu 29-Nov-07 10:44:22

I had my eyebrows done at Beauty Parade in George Lane, South Woodford and was really happy with them (and my eyebrows are pretty annoying). I also had a pedicure there that lasted over a month!
For facials and other stuff I go to a beauty therapist who works from her home. Relaxed atmosphere, easy for parking etc...Tracy at Virginia Williams

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