Where to stay not too far from Swansea Bay Campus?

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jenthehen Tue 18-Aug-20 13:58:06

Hi, I realise I’m not local to Swansea but mumsnet has provided me with so much advice over the last 18 years and I’m hoping that mum’s in the Swansea area may be able to advise me now.
My son had planned to go to a University close to home (we live near The Peak District) but he’s now coming to Swansea University. We would love to be able to stay for holidays and weekends to visit him and wondered if you could recommend any self catering cottages, Lodges or chalets that are in a reasonable distance of the University?
We have a camper van so for short visits we would like to find a lovely campsite with electric hook up. It would be a bonus if it was on a public transport route to the Uni as that would mean our son could visit us rather than us cramping his style and we wouldn’t need to find parking for our van in the city.
We will also be hoping to make longer visits where we can explore the beautiful beaches, go walking and enjoy country pubs etc (if we see our son it’s a bonus but we are quite aware we may just be delivering something to him from home!) For these longer, possibly week long break we’d like a bit more comfort than the van. We’d like somewhere with off road parking too as we’d drive down in our VW camper. My husband would also live a sea view (but that’s not essential!)
Do any lovely Mumsnetters know of anywhere that would fit the bill? Perhaps a holiday park even?
Fingers crossed we can find somewhere.

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jenthehen Tue 18-Aug-20 15:42:04

Or Is there someone who is not a Swansea local but might have some advice?

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jenthehen Tue 18-Aug-20 19:54:17


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