Farnham schools?

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babymakesfive Wed 12-Aug-20 05:36:33

Does anyone know what Highfield South Farnham School? I know South Farnham is the 'preferred' school but I don't know much about either? Would love some insight. Thanks so much in advance x

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TheNeverEndingOver Fri 08-Jan-21 07:45:33

Hi Babymakesfive,

Did you get any insight on this at all? Would love to know

Thank you!

French999 Thu 11-Mar-21 09:57:09

Hi there we are currently looking at houses in south Farnham villages like wrecclesham lower Bourne shortheath and Rowledge
We can already see the schools are good especially Weydon..I know it’s personal preference but of the areas I’ve listed are any of the villages nicer than others ? Are there any areas to avoid ..in general are all those locations nice areas ? Thanks

TheNeverEndingOver Thu 11-Mar-21 14:11:45

Hey @French999 - just seen your message on the other thread as well.

We have moved to wrecclesham and really enjoying it so far. Have not been here very long though so I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on other surrounding areas or on schools! It is a lovely area though, and everyone is very friendly - we know all the neighbours already

French999 Fri 12-Mar-21 12:06:50

Thank you for your reply smile

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