Advice on moving to Norwich from St Albans

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Jenjen02 Mon 03-Aug-20 15:35:30

Hi! I'm really hoping for some advice on moving to Norwich...

I've lived in St Albans for the past 17 years with my husband and two kids, 5 and 8. Love a lot about St Albans but are priced out of the housing market and I really want to be closer to my mum, sister and her kids who live in Stowmarket and Walsham. I grew up in Stowmarket but it isn't somewhere I'd like to be. We've shortlisted Bury and Norwich as we love both! I've only been to Norwich for the odd weekend though and dont know anything about actually living there!

It seems to tick all the boxes from the history, countryside, coast, shops and have plenty to do. Would you recommend it as a place to live and bring up the kids? Would it be a big shock coming from St Albans?? Would we stick out 😁 We live in a leafy part of St Albans and I don't think being in the centre would be what we are looking for but equally I wouldn't want to be too far out. What areas in the suburbs or surrounding villages would you recommend? Or avoid! Schooling in a top priority and I'm thinking the southern side so as to be nearer to Stowmarket which hopefully wouldn't take too long.

We'd be renting to begin with before we buy but want it to be the place we stayed for good.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you 😀

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