Best place to live for commuting between Manchester and Liverpool

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Takingabreakagain Thu 30-Jul-20 17:00:24

Perhaps somewhere like Warrington or St Helens. There's train lines to both Manchester and Liverpool from there for the commute.

sleepismysuperpower1 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:57:42

culcheth might be worth a look? It is a 40 min drive (ish) to Liverpool, and a 25-30 min drive to Manchester. It has a good nursery and primary school, nice park etc

kantata Thu 30-Jul-20 00:02:17

We have been in Manchester for a year (moved from London) and enjoying the friendship circles we formed so would like to stay connected to the city and church we attend. Hubby will be starting some studies in Liverpool, but still working in Manchester and will need to commute between both. I am working from home so commute not an issue unless for social purposes. (I don’t drive yet). We have two small kids so areas with great nurseries/primary schools and nice parks would be great. We also want to buy our first property in the area we move to smile Your advice would be great!

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