Schools in Milverton / Wiveliscombe area.

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elliejjtiny Sun 26-Jul-20 23:39:37

I've had no personal experience as we are in wellington but I've heard good things about both Milverton and Kingsmead schools.

Lubelle80s Sun 26-Jul-20 23:34:35

Hello there,

My husband and I are looking at a house in Milverton which would likely be our forever home if we were to buy it. We are going to be starting our family fairly soon, so although we don't have children yet, it seems sensible to plan ahead if we are hoping not to move again.

My husband did not grow up in the area and whilst I am from just over the border into Devon, I don't have much knowledge of the local Somerset schools.

What are people's opinion of the primary school in Milverton? Also of Kingsmead in Wivvy? We are going through the adoption process at the moment, so if anyone has experience of sending a child with additional needs to either of these schools, I would be interested to hear how you've got on.

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