What is socialisation looking like nowadays for children?

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ukintheusa Wed 22-Jul-20 20:55:09

Hello Mums! Looking for a bit of 'insider' knowledge, as I'm based in NYC, and a bit removed from it all at the mo. I'll try to make a long story short...

I am originally from the UK, and my 6 year old daughter is a British Citizen, but has lived in NYC all her life, beginning primary school here. She's been with me to visit the UK several times and loves it, and right now I'm planning a 2 month stay beginning in August through October. Basically, since March, she has been cooped up in our Manhattan flat, isolated and bored to tears (probably doesn't help having her mum for a teacher too!). It's been breaking my heart, and so unhealthy for this happy little girl to not even recall what a playdate looks like! Though NYC is in better shape than the rest of the US, remote learning will continue in Sept. for the foreseeable future. Neither of us can take it anymore.

Following a strict 14 day isolation upon arrival to the UK (quite honestly not that different from the last 4 months for us), I'd like to reintegrate her into UK society a bit, as much as circumstances will allow and is of course safe. Ideally, I'd like to enroll her into a school, but being temporary housing, I see where this will be a challenge if not unlikely. I am looking all over, from a house in South Wimbledon, to not too expensive but still safe and family friendly areas in London, to Bristol, where my family is.

My question is, what is socialisation looking like now? I realise the children will be headed back to school in September, with utmost precaution. If I cannot get her into a school and have to continue homeschooling, does anyone have ideas for how to get my six year old in front of a child? Pretty sure she's had enough play with the 34 year old likes of me. Also would love to hear any suggestions of regions to consider (would just need to be in the London or Bristol areas), thoughts of South Wimbleton specifically if possible, and the general climate over there for the kids. We're very desperate to make something good of all this! Thank you so much xxxx

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