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Nowthereistwo Tue 16-Mar-21 15:18:45

Stotfold will be cheaper than Hertford or Ware but I'm sure rightmove has told you that already.

I like Hertford and the schools are good but the poor high street has taken a knock even before covid - but it is great for a night out.

Ware high street is lovely with lots of independents (again pre-covid). I don't know the schools as well though.

Hertford has 2 train lines to London but they used to be slow - I would check.

I live in Welwyn Garden City and that has fast trains to kings cross in less than 25mins

Lorieandrews Tue 16-Mar-21 15:14:56

Do you mean stortford?

lovecoffee1 Tue 16-Mar-21 15:13:19

Hey, haven’t got any advice for you but I’m also looking to buy in hitchin. The prices are crazy at the moment and there is so much demand. What sort of house are you looking for ? As hitchin house prices really differs depending where you live. If you are after an SG4 9 post code than it’s so competitive but I have seen houses that are much cheaper in poets estate, walsworth and purwell or even north of the town in the bearton road and kings road area.

LittleRoars Fri 17-Jul-20 14:47:59

I was hoping for some advice to help us with our planned move out of London with our baby boy. We have (for various reasons mostly to do with keeping London jobs but making life easier to visit our family up North) decided that Hertfordshire would be a great shout to buy our first family home.
We need to commute to London fairly easily but still be the right side of London to drive to our parents so it looks like this area could work.
We originally focussed on Hitchin/letchworth but were put off by just how little you get for your money in Hitchin at the moment and were a little concerned about a lot of the schools in Letchworth. I’ve found a few posts about Stotfold but these are over 10 years old now so I’m thinking the area could have changed a lot in that time. Another consideration is Hertford or Ware but as these are further South they add on time to our drive to visit grandparents.
Does anyone have any recent views on Stotfold, Hertford or Ware?
We basically want somewhere that is nice to bring up a young family, safe, countryside near by but enough local amenities to not need to drive to nip for a coffee or to the shop.
Would love any opinions you all may have that could help.

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