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does anyone's kids to karate or any martial arts?

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casbie Fri 28-Sep-07 09:11:11

where nr falmouth and is it expensive?

: )

scorpio1 Sat 29-Sep-07 18:57:05

i know of a place in penzance....

casbie Mon 01-Oct-07 08:51:45

how much is it a week?

i'm completely in the dark at the mo, but my son (4) wants to join a club when he's 5. will proberly have 2 and then three children join in the end, and would like to here how much other kids enjoy it really!

cheekymajeeka Wed 03-Feb-10 11:40:55

My two boys goto Taekwondo in Falmouth near the train station bridge, every tues and thurs eve. Its £40 per month if you have two the second is half price. A little expensive but well worth it.
The sessions are run by a guy called Mike Beard he has a website

Haha just saw the date on this Im a bit late!!!

MissClavel Wed 03-Feb-10 11:55:55

Hi cheekymajeeka

I'm glad you replied to this (a little late indeed) - we walk past the taekwondo place by the railway bridge on the way to school every day, and my boys are always asking to go there. I've been holding off as they do plenty of other stuff, and have also been a bit put off by the fact that the building looks so, um, uninviting.

But it's good, is it? Interesting... Thanks smile

yasybabe Wed 03-Mar-10 14:58:22

Hi there, does anyone know of a good dance / activity school for my twin 3yr old boys. I am actually in Wadebridge but prepared to travel for a good activity! Any help advice much appreciated as am new to the area. Many thanks

casbie Wed 15-Dec-10 21:03:14

blimey, this is an old post!

a new group has set-up accross cornwall 'Droyko Rou' (sp?)...

nice teacher and the children love it.
£10 a session for all of my three, but expensive on kits and going up levels.

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