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Splash48 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:02:55

Hello all, hope you are well and safe. We are considering moving to Northampton from London and wanted some advice on the area, accessibility to schools, hospitals etc. We’ve got a young family and need to upsize and like a few houses in Dallington, Overton and Rushmere. So would love some advice from anyone especially families living in these areas. We’ve heard the town centre is quite run down so what would the alternatives be? Where would you go for a nice evening out? Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks.

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rosegoldwatcher Wed 10-Jun-20 19:43:46

OP - Answering you to bump this. Hopefully some inhabitants of Dallington, Overstone or Rushmere will see this and respond.
Northampton is, IMO, a lovely place to live; we have lived here for 30 years, bringing up a family in East Hunsbury (which has been awarded Best Large Village in Northants!)
The town centre has suffered, like many traditional high-streets, from lack of footfall and is currently pretty dire. Serious shopping is best done at Rushden Lakes or Milton Keynes.
Northampton centre has 2 multiplex cinemas and the Royal & Derngate Theatre.
State schools are many and varied! My boys both attended Abbeyfield Secondary School and loved it.
Happy to attempt to answer any of your questions via PM.

rosegoldwatcher Wed 10-Jun-20 19:56:25

OP - you might consider moving your thread to CHAT - many more MNetters access that...

Splash48 Thu 11-Jun-20 09:55:39

Many thanks rosegoldwater, your reply is really helpful. I didn’t know about East Hunsbury so will have a look around there too. Once we shortlist something I’ll definitely PM you. I’ll also move this thread, thanks for the heads up 😊

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