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Mumsbet88 Wed 27-May-20 07:07:38

Does anyone have any advice about Frampton Cotterell or Almondsbury.

I’m looking to buy (budget up to £650k) with my partner. No children yet, but hopefully in near future so primary schools important.
Main thing is a nice community village feel, but also access to the city. We both work in Fishponds.

Has anyone any suggestions of places/any advice regarding Frampton cotterell or Almondsbury?


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MrsMoastyToasty Tue 02-Jun-20 13:06:11

I live the other side of Bristol but have relatives that live between Almondsbury and Thornbury (where DH also works).
I don't know what the properties are like price wise , but from our experience if any of the motorways are closed in the Bristol area then the A38 becomes the natural alternative to them. Very little of it is dual carriageway in that area.
Have you considered Yate?

LilyE1234 Tue 02-Jun-20 13:16:19

I used to work in Almondsbury - it’s a bit meh. Just big housing developments built in the 90s and like PP said, when the motorway is shut it’s a nightmare - my usual 45 min commute from near Keynsham took almost 4 hours once. I’d personally go other side of town and look further towards the Chew Valley or Saltford with that budget but you’d have a longer commute.

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