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Playgroups and nurseries

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Cathbell Wed 19-Sep-07 17:47:17

I was wondering if anyone could give me information for some nurseries on the southside of Glasgow preferably Shawlands/Queens Park and Pollokshields areas.
Ta Cathbell

weeonion Fri 21-Sep-07 12:05:06

bump -

midnight - do you know of anything???

ScotGirl Tue 25-Sep-07 13:54:06

Log onto the Care Commision website. wwww. Click "search for a care service".

Select "Day care of children" from the drop down menu. Put in the first part of your postcode, e.g. G41 or G42 and hey presto!

All facilities have to be regulated by the Care Commission, even childminders, so their lists are the best you can use. You can view inpsection reports for each nursery and if there have been any complaints upheld against the nursery you can contact the care commission and they will email you a copy of the investigation under the freedom of information acts.

luciet Wed 31-Oct-07 09:25:39

Did you have any joy finding somewhere? We are moving to Newlands/Cathcart area and having problems finding somewhere.

rowansmum Tue 06-Nov-07 11:55:57

I recommend Pied Piper nurseryin Shawlands where my daughter went for 3 years, as its quite samll and cosy with a lovely garden. Its well run and the food is OK. I believe Little Acorns in Shawlands is quite similar too.

midnightexpress Tue 13-Nov-07 20:43:51

<midnight finally wanders in two months later...>

DS1 goes to Heritage House on Albert Drive and I'd recommend it. It's part of the Careshare group, and in one of the big sandstone villas in the leafy bit of Pollokshields. They have lots of outdoor space (which seems to be a problem in lots of the places that I saw). The staff are lovely and the whole atmosphere is good.

Other places in the area:

Hyde n Seek in Prospecthill Road (just next to where they're building the new hospital). We visited this and liked it too when we were looking.

Daytime Playtime in Bolivar Terrace. I think this may have changed names recently. DS1 went here for about a month, but I didn't really like it and we were lucky enough to get a place for him at HH at short notice so all worked out.

Poppins on Queen's Drive. I'd heard good things about this place, but one of my friends withdrew her son from it as she wasn't happy and neitehr was he. He's now at Rainbow pre-school also on Queen's Drive, which he loves. It's Christian, though, so it obviously might not be suitable for some people. And it's pre-school only.

There's also a small pre-school nursery on Regent Park Square (not sure of the name) - I think they only take children who are potty trained so not for littlies.

HTH if you haven't found somewhere already.

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