How much would a gardener cost in East London?

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NotTheOnlyPomInTheVillage Mon 18-May-20 06:56:18

Hello, I am trying to help an elderly relative. She lives in a council house in East London and her garden is a terrible mess. The grass is about 8 feet high. She is on enforced lockdown and is very depressed and lonely. She used to love spending time in the garden and it would be perfect at the moment, but it's in a terrible state.

We don't have much money ourselves (my business has closed due to COVID and DH has had his hours cut by 20% and zero commission), but we would love to help her out by getting someone in to fix it.

Does anybody know roughly how much it would cost? Also if anyone has any leads or even know if there is an organisation that could help, that would be smashing.

Many thanks.

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Elmerrrrrrrr Mon 18-May-20 07:01:00

About £15 an hour at the very least.

NotTheOnlyPomInTheVillage Mon 18-May-20 08:22:47

Thanks @Elmerrrrrrrr. Any idea where we can find one?

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