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FreemanHaines Sun 17-May-20 20:10:00

Hi, I am really hoping you can all help me with some area information, there are so many mixed messages when researching on google.

We are moving from Kent to Lincolnshire, we would like a respectable, pretty village location, semi-rural, we do not need to worry about commuting or schools, but would like to be within easy reach of a town up to 20 minutes by car would be fine. We want to be near the wolds, for walks and scenery, we are considering all of Lincolnshire and north Norfolk.
So far from research and street view, we like the sound of Horncastle, Alford, Louth, Tealby.
We are very concerned about moving into a rough or deprived area by accident.

Horncastle sounds really nice, Alford looks good but not much written about it, it’s also very close to Mablethorpe, St Leonard’s and Skegness which all have very bad reviews and seem to be deprived, run down and higher crime and drugs problems.
Louth maybe a bit to big, but outskirts would be good, we looked at Thoresthorpe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Sushiqueen Thu 21-May-20 09:56:58

We did a similar move from near Sevenoaks/Maidstone area to Lincs. We spent several weekends here looking around areas (we were limited by commuting as I am normally in a London a couple of times a week). We did offer on a house but ended up having to pull out due to circumstances.
So we decided to rent first in Grantham (for ease) and then work out where we wanted to live. We ended up buying in an area we hadn’t looked at initially. Ended up in a village with not much more than a pub, village hall, school etc about 4 miles from a small town and 25 mins from Lincoln and are really happy with it🙏
We are so glad we rented first as we could take our time finding an area we liked with no pressure on us.we Can get to Lincoln, Nottingham, Leeds etc without any hassle.

FreemanHaines Thu 21-May-20 10:36:09

@Sushiqueen Thank you, for your help. Unfortunately we can not rent first, as we have a business to run from home, and we have to put workshops in to work from, we also do not want to be moving the business more than once, or having any restrictions from landlords, we have a lot of stuff to move in.
Where did you move to in the end? Someone mentioned Gosberton to me the other day, do you know anything about there?

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FreemanHaines Thu 21-May-20 10:38:33

@Soubriquet You mentioned Gosberton in your message the other day, could you give me any more information on the type of place that is?
Thank you, in advance.

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BertiesLanding Thu 21-May-20 10:47:20

I lived in Alford, @FreemanHaines. Don't do it. Really.

FreemanHaines Thu 21-May-20 10:54:31

@Sushiqueen Hi again, you said you lived in Maidstone or Sevenoaks, I was wondering if you could answer a question I asked a few days ago: Would I be right in thinking, size wise that: Canterbury would be similar to Lincoln, and Sevenoaks similar to Louth?

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Soubriquet Thu 21-May-20 12:26:49

Urm gosberton is a little village. It has a couple of stores but not a lot and it’s between spalding and Boston so you have a choice of where to shop.

It’s a nice village


FreemanHaines Thu 21-May-20 12:49:56

Thank you, @Soubriquet

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Floralruthue Sat 01-Aug-20 08:52:42

I moved to Alford from the south east 15 years ago and love it. It has a strong sense of community with volunteers running the local arts and music venue, library and Manor House. The Primary school and grammar school are excellent and within easy walking distance. Shops, post office and cafes are clustered around the market place (small market on Tuesday and Friday) but no shoe or clothes shops so we generally drive an hour to Lincoln or shop online. You need to drive to larger towns as public transport is poor. I love Louth which is where my husband and I go to dine in the evenings. Alford is not a rich town, there are areas of deprivation alongside beautiful Georgian and Victorian houses. Wealthy farming families live in the surrounding villages. My children have a diverse mix of friends which I appreciate. It is difficult to shop for groceries quickly as everyone in town wants to say hello and stop to chat! We have made so many friends here. We are always at the beach. No need to go to Mablethorpe or Skegness, try Anderby Creek, Huttoft, Wolla bank, Theddlethorpe nature reserve and Sandilands has a well heeled beach hut community. Donna Nook has a large colony of grey seals which visit every winter.
Alford is perfect for walking as it is situated at the base of the wolds. The wildlife trust manage several woods nearby and have an excellent club for children which mine love. There are amazing dog walks in every direction.
Alford is quirky, friendly and unique with craft and sports clubs and many others. As it is quirky it is definitely not for everyone though. My neighbour rides his antique penny farthing in his brocade jackets for example and many Alfordians rarely travel so it is maybe more inward looking that a better connected town. Why not stay in a B and B here and see what you think. We did this in several market towns before making our choice. Hope this helps x

isittheholidaysyet Sat 01-Aug-20 09:03:49

The advantage of somewhere like Caistor is that you are definitely rural, but 15 mins to Brigg for normal shopping and the motorway. And 20 mins to Scunthorpe or grimsby for a larger shop.
Scunthorpe and Grimsby have a lot of deprivation, but it would not affect you at Caistor.

Being in a reasonable distance of an M180 junction will get you quickly onto the M1 or A1, to travel the rest of the country easily.

Giggorata Sat 01-Aug-20 10:46:48

Further north, you can also be within easy reach of Hull via the Humber Bridge and Sheffield via the M180 route.
The low wold villages of Elsham, Worlaby, Bonby, Saxby all Saints, Horkstow and South Ferriby are nice, and closer to Brigg are Redbourne and Scawby.
Places I wouldn't choose are Hibaldstow or Barnetby (too big) or Barton on Humber.

I like the Wolds, or the edge of the Wolds. There are many beautiful villages around Louth but the travel is less easy.

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