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After8itsgrownuptime Mon 13-Apr-20 17:28:47

Hi All, my DD ages 9 is currently year 5 at a local independent school. For various reasons we have grown unhappy with the school and DD has been offered a place at St.Catherine's for this September, starting in year 6. It would also mean no dreaded 11+ for her. She is bright but likes to coast along rather than really push herself. Will St.Catherinea push her to do her best without the ‘alpha’ feel of some other girls schools. For reference, we have also been told to look at Surbiton, swips and KGS. I am worried that I’m taking the easy option by going local and dodging 11+, so would be great to hear people’s experience of the school both good and bad. I know that surbiton and KGS have higher results for A levels, but they are also much bigger schools with all the issues that go with it and further away!

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