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Hills Road College Interim Offers

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MindYourLanguage Thu 26-Mar-20 14:10:29

Did anyone else receive an Interim Offer for Hills Road today to start in September 2020. I understand that the offers are waiting for the grades for students who were unable to take their GCSE this year and that is why they are interim. I just wondered who will get their offers bumped? If anyone has any info that they are willing to share I would be grateful!

SROYS Thu 26-Mar-20 20:32:52

I know several who got either Full or Interim Offers. From what I can tell Interim offers have only been given for oversubscribed subjects I believe like Sciences and Maths. The students (that I know) who have received Full Offers have chosen other subjects like languages, humanities, music, Sport etc. I know one student who applied for all three sciences who got a full offer, but I don't know any students who applied for Maths and Sciences who have. This is just students I know, so it may not be the case for everyone.
They have updated their website, but it is quite limited in terms of information really. What subjects did yours get an Interim Offer for - just wondering if there is a pattern?

MindYourLanguage Fri 27-Mar-20 00:00:20

Thank you -that is really helpful. He already has his GCSE marks, as he did them a couple of years early. But all of his choices are humanities. The problem is that he holds other offers and Hills road have said that they are not making full offers until end of August! Also they say on their website that they are expecting students who have to take the governments calculated grades will come to them with grades higher than they normally see - so I am a bit skeptical about whether the place will be confirmed or not. I know everyone is doing their best in such crazy circumstances, but still would have been great to know today!

SROYS Fri 27-Mar-20 11:27:53

I'm not sure that I have helped you really, and the fact he chose Humanities blows my theory out of the window!
All of the students I have mentioned are currently in a catchment secondary school.
Yes, I do think that if anything the grades will go up, I know that the secondary school was really strict at only giving predicted grades that were realistic for students, and from personal experience my son has achieved higher results since December when the predicted grades were given.
I don't think they will wait until the end of August to clarify Interim Offers, although the government haven't confirmed when the results will be out, they're indicating it would be July. Hills will need to get the Interim Offers sorted before they could consider any post results applications.
I have emailed them this morning to try to get more clarity on the admissions score they have used to distinguish between Full/Interim Offers specifically for my sons subjects. They are normally really clear about their admissions process. I will let you know if they respond.

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