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Batterseacrowdfund Sun 15-Mar-20 16:44:08

Please support this fundraising campaign to help the local community keep independent businesses alive during these difficult times of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Any independent business located within the Battersea electoral constituency will be able to apply for an equal share of the money raised, provided they can show that the following criteria are met:

- 20 or fewer employees
- independently owned or individual franchise
- business activity within one of the following sectors: retail, restaurant, bar & pub, hotel, health & beauty, lifestyle.

Donations will be possible until 31/05/20.

All applications for funding must be approved before 31/05/20. Money raised will be distributed on an equal basis during the first week of June.

Small businesses in Battersea that think they qualify for support from this crowdfunding project should email

Donate at:

Further information will be available in due course at

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