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wolverhampton/dudley area

(13 Posts)
PaulaRaty Wed 05-Sep-07 21:56:57

Any mums in this area please get in touch

iliketosleep Tue 11-Sep-07 21:21:16

hi i am but have only just come across this thread grin

kellyf Sun 23-Sep-07 19:33:58


i am too!


iliketosleep Mon 01-Oct-07 17:37:20

oooh a little group of brummies wink

lissiethevampireslayer Mon 01-Oct-07 17:39:59

im in shropshire!

iliketosleep Mon 01-Oct-07 22:30:45

my auntie lives in newport

nappyaddict Fri 11-Jan-08 18:38:46

i'm in kingswinford

missnatalie Thu 17-Jan-08 01:40:36

Im in wolverhampton x

nappyaddict Mon 04-Feb-08 09:44:16

would anyone like to meet up at funworld in wombourn this week or next week?

nappyaddict Fri 04-Apr-08 18:24:44


AlisonJones Thu 19-May-11 15:07:52

Hi, I'm from Wombourne smile

SpecialAgentSpade Tue 28-Aug-12 21:57:45

Hi. Anyone on this thread still around and fancy a meet up?

Gemma123456 Fri 08-Nov-13 11:35:43

I would love to meet new mums

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